Andrew M. Linton

Andrew M. Linton


United States Marine Corps, San Diego, CA 92145

Helicopter Equipment Logistics Manager (IMRL)

  • Expertly managed three classifications of helicopter test equipment as an E3 in an E5 billet at HMM-163
  • Recognized with a Naval Achievement Medal for procurement and accountability of test equipment during 2007 deployment with HMM-163(REIN).
  • Meritorious promotion for finishing top of my class at NAS Meridian
  • Implemented new inventory procedures that led to increased efficiency and accountability of equipment.
  • Supervised and managed multi million dollar accounts of aircraft equipment – efforts led to zero loss of functional equipment during deployment.
  • Ensured all equipment was within calibration requirements
  • Provided logistical support for multiple helicopter squadrons at Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 16
  • Procured helicopter test equipment from units across the fleet to maintain mission readiness for units at MCAS Miramar
  • Provided leadership, instruction, and supervision to personnel under my charge
  • 4.7/5.0 proficiency and 4.7/5.0 conduct marks for last two fitness reports
The Clinic Mundelein, Mundelein, IL 60060

Inventory Manage

  • Supervised daily inventory audit to ensure all medical cannabis products were accounted for per IDPH standards
  • Created and streamlined standard operating procedures for store inventory
  • Redesigned inventory vault for additional space and ease of access for staff
  • Onboarded weekly deliveries following IDPH standards and ensured all products were accounted for and safe for use
  • Managed and updated all new patient information
  • Detailed product knowledge of all strains, concentrates and products in the medical cannabis marketplace
  • Assisted patients with medical cannabis questions and concerns
Felicity Therapeutic Day School, Deerfield, IL 60015

Special Education Teacher

  • Adapted curriculum for students with Individualized Education Plans.
  • Worked with students in functional academics with a focus on life skills and parallel academics according to state standards.
  • Collaborated with a special education team to implement programs and lessons.
  • Maintained and updated Felicity website using HTML, C++, and Adobe software
  • Designed the current website
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Instructor ID: 1118844
  • Instructed and certified that all faculty were properly trained in crisis intervention methods.
  • Worked daily with students in crisis to de escalate stressful situations
  • Created and maintained our crisis reports and document logs
  • Provided a safe and stress free work environment using tools from crisis intervention training program
Joy Of The Game LLC, Deerfield, IL 60015

Program Manager / Website Architect / Digital Media Marketing

  • Provide skills instruction and motivated coaching in individual and team settings.
  • Managed and scheduled employees across multiple programs and activities
  • Set goals for future performance and monitored progress.
  • Designed and maintained company website using Adobe muse software.
  • Designed marketing materials for social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Worked with business models to maximize profitability for programming.
  • Created standard operating procedures for administrative tasks
  • Managed large scale basketball tournaments and staff across multiple divisions