Alan Hofman

Alan Hofman

Alan Hofman has over 25 years in the finance, business development and consulting industries.  He joined MCMP a year ago and is senior vice president of business development and strategic financing.  His responsibilities include procuring financing and developing strategic partnerships, key employee staffing and obtaining clients.

MrHofman is also the CEO of Northbrook Capital Consulting, NCC specializes in business development, locating capital partners, business modeling, developing strategic partnerships and corporate staffing, as well as assisting in problem solving. We have worked extensively in the financial, oil and gas, maritime, information technology, and clean and reusable energy industries as well as in e-commerce site development and execution.

MrHofman also has extensive hedge fund industry knowledge and experience, he managed  High Ridge Financial from 2001-2017.  HRF was an alternative investment hedge fund that has made investments in the oil and gas, maritime, clean/reusable energy, financial, retail and many other industries.

Prior to HRF and NCC, MrHofman worked at Smith Barney rising to Sr Vice President.  He advised  institutional clients with corporate banking issues, investment portfolio planning and business development strategies.

MrHofman is also very active with youth sports, as a former partner with Full Package Athletics, one of the largest AAU basketball programs in the country.  He also recently founded All In Athletics, which is an AAU basketball program focused on positive sportsmanship as well as elite training and skill development.

MrHofman graduated from the University of Illinois in 1990 with a business degree.