Murali Sajja

Chief Executive Officer
CEO, CTO, Technology Innovator, Growth Hacker and Senior Architect at Fortune 500 companies, Government Organizations, and several Startup Companies. LIFE PHILOSOPHY We are what we

Mr. Tambakis has been a principal of Intertrans Shipping Ltd. since 1995 and has worked in their Piraeus office in the capacity of Operations Manager.
Mr. Tambakis has over thirty years of experience in all levels of ship management and finance, strategic planning and development. He has served in the
Professional Objective Experienced leader in a private equity environment now seeking a management role at an innovative and growing organization. Adept at business development, P&L

JOB EXPERIENCE United States Marine Corps, San Diego, CA 92145 Helicopter Equipment Logistics Manager (IMRL) Expertly managed three classifications of helicopter test equipment as an

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Thirty years of accomplishments and results in Global and Regional Sales, Sales Management and Branch Management Industry expert with comprehensive experience and knowledge

Mr. Hofman has over 25 years in the finance, hedge fund, business development, and consulting industries. He joined MCMP a year ago and is Senior Vice President-Business Development and Strategic Financing. His responsibilities include procuring capital and developing strategic partnerships, key employee staffing and obtaining clients. Mr. Hofman is also the CEO of Northbrook Capital Consulting, NCC specializes in business development, locating capital partners, business modeling, developing strategic partnerships and corporate staffing. NCC has worked extensively in the financial, oil and gas, maritime, information technology, and clean and reusable energy industries as well as in e-commerce site development and execution. Mr. Hofman graduated from the University of Illinois in 1990 with a business degree.
Mr. Trossman has specialized in traditional real estate investment products of debt and equity during a career that spans over 35 years of commercial real

James F. Hamilton

Customer Relations
Mr. Hamilton has specialized in non-traditional investment products during a career that spans over thirty years of financial trading, investing, education, analysis and marketing. He