Trading and Shipping



Oil and gas are the backbones of the modern era. While an average person uses them to cook food, heat homes, and to drive vehicles, industries rely on these resources for keeping their operations up and running. They are one of the building blocks of the world economy.

At Nigeria Oil, we act as an important link between the market and these resources to support the continuous supply and accessibility of these important energy resources.

We are active in the field to handle the shipping and trading of oil and gas.

Improving the Value of Assets with Efficient Trading

We trade in oil and gas markets to improve the value of our products as well as keeping the cycle of demand and supply in balance.

Besides, we look to minimize risks, especially to reduce our exposure to sometimes dramatic and sudden price fluctuations. We have several monitoring and insights tools in place to support our trading, helping us to respond to developments with the agility required to increase the value of our assets and customers.

Efficient Shipping for the Transportation of Oil and Gas

To contribute towards the accessibility and availability of energy resources, we ship oil and gas to major consumer hubs in the nation and abroad as well.

We choose and charter the efficient vessels to ensure the timely and cost-efficient delivery in an optimal safety environment. To make sure they meet our criteria, we evaluate the condition of the vessel, maintenance, crew, and operating process on the board.