Backed by experience, expertise, and strategic partners, our refining and petrochemical operations are focused on providing high-quality intermediates and finished products from crude oil and natural gas.

Our refined products are largely used by the transport industry, while the petrochemicals produced by us are used in everything from garments, construction materials, medical supplies, food packaging, and computer parts.

We believe in adding value to important resources while attracting new industries and creating jobs, thereby contributing to sustainable economic and social development.

We own state of the art integrated refining and petrochemicals complex to streamline the process efficiently.

We also contribute towards the development of the local community as we create job opportunities with our operations as well as invest in training and development programs.

We are looking forward to developing partnerships with local companies and contractors for materials and services. We also strive for adding value and meet our stakeholder’s requirements by being reliable and cost-efficient in our business as well as adapting the highest health and quality standards in our operations.

Our efficient model of sustainable development and “giving back to the community” is having ripple effects beyond the area. We innovate, benchmark, and improve by setting and achieving goals.

Our vision inspires us to think innovatively and act responsibly. It also encourages us to be a disciplined corporate citizen in our community, and leave a positive and sustainable impact.