About Us

Nigeria Oil Company is the parent company of a network of subsidiaries worldwide and a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Mildred Drake Family Trust (MDFT). NOC is a horizontally and vertically integrated Oil and Natural gas company. The company refines, stores, explores, sells and transports Petroleum and Gas Products worldwide.

One of the subsidiaries of Nigeria Oil Company is Maritime Capital Management Partners USA LLC which will provide shipping and logistics for our trading.

Below are the examples of our subsidiary company for NOC that exist as their own entity but fully owned by Nigeria Oil Company.


Phase 1 Refinement - 100.000 Bls: $ 3.500.000.000 USD
Phase 2 Petrochemistry - : $ USD
Phase 3 Exploration and Producction: 1.500.000.000USD

S.G.S.Y. Trading (Suriname Guyana Shi You Trading) is registered and based in Suriname since

September 2012. The following are the activities which S.G.S.Y. Trading are registered and
licensed for:

  • Importer of fuels and lubricants
  • Importer of used oil and fuels
  • Processing and recycling used oil and fuels
  • Suppliers of fuels for sea-going vessels
  • Shipping agent
  • Wholesales, exclusively in fuels and lubricants
  • Shopkeeper, for the sale of fuels in barrels
  • Exploiting whether or not mechanically driven pump installations with underground reservoirs of gasoline, diesel oil, mixture of other mineral oils (so called service stations/gas stations)

The main business activities S.G.S.Y. Trading focused on are importing and distributing fuels in

Suriname, and acting as a supplier of fuel for some distributers in Guyana.

Maritime Capital Management Partners USA LLC (the “Company” or “MCMP”) (www.mcmpltd.com) is a vertically integrated commercial shipping and physical commodity trade company. Its purpose is to create a high profit margin and low volatility investment structure, for its principals and investors. The MCMP investment model positions the Company as the employer (charterer) of their own vessels and the principal in the trade of the commodity transported on their vessels. By combining the ownership of both the vessel and the commodity transported, MCMP created their core investment model, the “Ship+Trade” model. The Ship+Trade model eliminates the third-party ship-owner profit component of freight rates and the operational uncertainty that accompanies use of third-party ship-owners. It also eliminates the cost associated with external trade finance capital. The result of the Ship+Trade model is that MCMP’s revenues are driven by profits generated by the purchase and sale of the cargo transported and not by freight rates.

MCMP focuses on shipping and trading refined fuels in the Persian Gulf, West Africa and the Caribbean. Demand for refined product in these regions is high and barriers to entry are also high, as a result competition is limited and profits are robust. Historically, the Company has traded clean product between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, The Persian Gulf and West Africa. As a result of MCMP’s registered trade counterpart status with one of the four major oil companies, we are planning to build a fleet of vessels in the Caribbean. The Company is actively involved in building a fleet of 10 tankers in the Port of Fujairah, which will form a bunkering fleet operating under a joint-venture company with an established shipping agency, headquartered inside the Port of Fujairah. MCMP has extensive experience with the specialized ship-to-ship operations required by the bunkering process.


The Company has traded in various energy products, primarily clean products such as Heating Oil, Fuel Oils, Gas Oil, Benzene and Diesel, since 2009. We have delivered cargo from the UAE to the Maldives, Egypt and Greece. We have moved cargo across all countries that comprise the entire West Africa shelf. And we have moved cargo from various ports in the Black Sea to Italy, Greece and Spain. MCMP was the owner of the cargo and the ships in all of its historical trading activity.


MCMP’s in-house operations team is based in Athens, Greece and are a deeply seasoned team of maritime professionals; MCMP covers every aspect of commercial and technical management of our vessels through this office. The professionals in our operations team have spent their entire careers in the commercial shipping sector and embody a skill, knowledge and network base that covers all aspects of ship operations.

Under operations we also include our Admiralty Legal Counsel which is based in Piraeus, Greece. Among these professionals, MCMP has a network of service providers, trade counterparts, port authorities, agents and other maritime professionals in every port we visit.


NOC has offices across the world but our headquarters are located in the vibrant city of Atlanta GA. MCMP is a United States company, registered in Delaware. The head offices are in Frankfort, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago. MCMP is comprised of professionals from many professional backgrounds which include, finance, commodity and securities trade, mergers and acquisitions, hedge fund management and investment product design.


Pioneering Oil Trade through innovation.