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About us

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Nigeria Oil Company (NOC) is the parent company of a network of subsidiaries operating in the United States, Nigeria and China. NOC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Mildred Drake
Family Trust (https://www.mildreddrakefamilytrust.com). NOC is a horizontally and vertically integrated Oil and Natural gas company that refines, stores, explores, sells and transports Petroleum and Gas Products globally

Explore and Produce

We are counted among one of the leading oil and gas explorers and producers. Thanks to our efficiency in locating new, prolific wells as well as continuing derivation from the existing wells.
Being a responsible energy producer, we understand that our energy resources are being exhausted as well as there is a big challenge to reduce the carbon footprint created by them. This concern has encouraged us to add solar energy to our bouquet of energy offerings.

Transform and Develop

Backed by experience, expertise, and strategic partners, our refining and petrochemical operations are focused on providing high-quality intermediates and finished products from crude oil and natural gas.

Ship, Storage and Market

Oil and gas are the backbones of the modern era. While an average person uses them to cook food, heat homes, and to drive vehicles, industries rely on these resources for keeping their operations up and running. They are one of the building blocks of the world economy.
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Murali Sajja

Chief Executive Officer
CEO, CTO, Technology Innovator, Growth Hacker and Senior Architect at Fortune 500 companies, Government Organizations, and several Startup Companies.
Mr. Hamilton has specialized in non-traditional investment products during a career that spans over thirty years of financial trading,
Mr. Trossman has specialized in traditional real estate investment products of debt and equity during a career that spans over 35 years


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